About Me

Hello, I’m Hannah, just to give you all a little background on me, I grew up in a home that was religious. Not to a point where we lived and breath religion but we did go to church onĀ  a regular basis. My parents, I have found once I grew up, where very open minded Catholics. They wanted us to believe in God but they wanted us to live our lives in our own way. They taught me and my sister to love everyone and to be good people in our hearts, minds and souls. They taught us about good and evil, about good and evil people. Good people are those that treat others good. My mother always told me that a good person is someone who treats all others even those that they feel are inferior to them with respect. Like how a boss would treat an employee. A evil person would be a person who only treated others that they felt were their equal or higher up with respect and treated those who they felt were inferior to them with disrespect.

My parents believed and taught us that all people are equal. We are just trying to live our own lives and as long you are not hurting others then you are good. They also had to explain that by hurting others is not that someone is different from you, hurting is a mental or physical thing. If someone is mentally abusive or physically abusive that is hurting. Just because someone dresses differently or likes different music they are not hurting you. If the movies they enjoy are different than yours or the the things they believe in are different and you feel that hurts you, than you are hurting them as well and than who is right?

I believe that my parents have a good thing going, they believe in God but they use that belief to be good people and not to make others feel inferior or bad. They use life to teach others that we get one chance here and to use that one opportunity to love, to respect and to be happy. Anything else is just a waste, so why bother.

I wanted to start this blog to share with everyone the joy that my life is because of what my parents taught me. I go to church regularly and I have friends that are gay. I want to show the world that we all can live together, it’s possible. So I hope who ever reads my blog gets one thing from it. We are all people and we all deserve to live in the same world and be happy.

If you have any questions for me please click this link and email me at ask@nashvillehtcc.org

Thank you, Hannah