Bathroom Controversy

This topic of which bathrooms transgender individuals are allowed to use, in my opinion, it one of the most ridiculous issues ever discussed. To start, I am for transgender individuals to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using. I also feel though, that if an establishment has Unisex bathrooms then that establishment should not be forced to rebuild all of their bathrooms.

I understand that a transgender woman does not want to use the men’s room and that a transgender man does not want to the women’s room but if there is a unisex restroom than they should understand that this is a bathroom for everyone, no matter what your gender is. Many establishments only have these bathrooms and I don’t think it fair that they will be forced to have male and female restrooms. I have heard arguments that some transgender individuals refuse to use this bathroom, not everyone, but I have heard this on multiple occasions and I think that is just silly. This one transgender male said that he refuses to use this bathroom because he is not unisex, he is a male and wants to use the men’s room. Seriously? I am a female and I have used many unisex restrooms, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them. Just because I use this bathroom does not mean that I am unisex. It means nothing except that I had to go to the bathroom and this is the restroom that I used. I know that in a perfect world, everyone will be using the restroom of their choice but for now we all have to deal with this issue. Again, I totally agree that each person should use the restroom that they feel comfortable with but not at the cost of establishments having to rebuild.

I also don’t agree with the people who are saying that they will feel uncomfortable with a transgender woman using the women’s bathroom. They argue that now the sex offenders and child molesters will now have an open door to peak in on them and their children. What was stopping them before? The law? Nope. They were doing it before, they will do it now and they will continue to do it in the future. Just because a transgender individual is using your bathroom does not mean they are there to peep. They are there to use the bathroom then get on with their day, just like anyone else. Now the child molesters and sex offenders will always find a way to do what they do, no matter what the law states. They have gone into bathrooms that they should not have been in before, they have always found a way to peep when the law forbids it. This new rule that transgender individuals be allowed to use the bathrooms of their choice will in no way make it easier for the perverts to expose themselves to children or women. I do no think it is fair to use that argument against those that are they for innocent purposes.

I hope that in my life time the people of the world will finally learn that we are all the same. We are all just regular human beings trying to get through our days and lives and that we just want a happy existence for the most part. It makes me sad that we all want to put people down and make them feel inferior to us. On the most fundamental level, we are all the same.

Thanks for reading…