Guest Post part 2

Here is the second half of the post from my childhood friend,

Christians- this is for you.

I get it. OK- I know. I’ve read the same Bible and do my best to live by it and to glorify God. I know being “gay” goes against the nature of God and therefore all you stand for. I know it goes against your religion. Kind of like how Muslims can’t eat pork. Except, we’re dealing with real humans here. But whatever, that doesn’t matter, does it?

I also know we have the right in America, or should, to deny services if it causes us to do something against our religion. And we should be able to do such things without punishment- or without being sued. And I agree! But here’s the the big thing I don’t understand: Just because we’re free to be total jerks, why would we want to to be?

Before you cast your stone of judgement at me, just hear me out. I love God. I love His truth. I love how He redeems the sinners. I love how He loves. Oh how He loves us!!! But really, how He.Loves.Us. He loves us. He loves me. He loves you. He loves…gasp…them. Those crazy, wicked, horrid, sinners. *gasp* Oh gurrrrrrrrl. Yup. He loves them a heck of a lot and seriously, my point- is they are us. We are them. Really- there is no “them.” We all need His love in the same great way.

The difference however, is that as Christians are called to show His love. We are called to bring His love and grace to the unbelievers. We are called be a light in a dark world. So when you deny service because you don’t agree with their lifestyle, and it goes against your religion- you’re shutting the door in their face. You’re putting yourself up on this high perch and looking down on people that God loves immensely and that you’re called to love. Why, in the name of the Lord almighty, would you even want to shut that door? I do not understand. The problem here isn’t that it’s your right to do so, because it is, but that you actually want to.

You probably don’t know that I use to own my own business. It was a glorified cleaning business- and some of my first clients were a lesbian couple. You want to know what they asked me first? If I was OK being hired by them, since they were lesbian. I was taken back because it didn’t bother me at all, and how sad that they felt the need to “warn” me. So I went to their home that they shared together with their kids and you want to know what I saw? Love. Family dinners. Kindness. And I saw something else- I enjoyed being their friend. They knew my religious beliefs, and yet there we all were, laughing and talking all things controversial. The love in my heart for them grew. I was even able to invite them to some family functions without seeming like a weirdo- and they seriously considered! What an opportunity to show love that way. What an opportunity to gain new friends. What an opportunity to learn. What an opportunity to bridge the gap between these two worlds, and build an everlasting relationship.

I know, you don’t want to support something that you are so strongly against. I don’t want to negate your feelings on that. But here’s the thing- accepting their business does not mean you support their choices (really though, who are WE to act so arrogant) nor does it mean that you’ve let go of your convictions. All it says, if you don’t decline service, is you’re a smart business person with a huge heart. It says you’re willing to be vulnerable, and weak. Remember- we don’t need to be strong because Christ, He’s got this.

Friends, Jesus died on the cross and forgave our sins so we can be free. We believers always talk about surrendering it all to God and trusting Him, until this one issue. As soon as this comes up it’s as though the cross has no power. If you decline services to someone because they are gay and want to get married (or anything else that you might disagree with), you’re missing out and wrapping the chains of sin around yourself. It’s plain old stupid- and not even needed. Christ already took care of this. Remember- while we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:6-8 ). Christ never said, “sorry- that’s against my religion- I tap out here.” No, Jesus said, “forgive them father…for the know not what they do (Luke 23:34).”


Also- if you’re against serving gays I certainly hope you’ll reconsider attending that friend’s wedding- you know, the one that’s been married five times. Yeah.

Friends- this bill in Kansas should not even HAVE to be written up. It’s incredibly sad that we’ve all gotten to this point. All this legislation- the legislation to ban gay marriage, the suing of companies that deny services, and the legislation to protect people from being sued for being lame- all of this is stupid. Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could just burn all these documents and instead, become friends?

So this is me, calling it as I see it. Stupid. We’re all a bunch of self righteous butt heads that really need to get a grip and just be friends. Seriously. For the love.

So here is another perspective on being good humans. I hope you all enjoyed how passionate my friend gets on being respectful to one another because I love listening to her go off on a rant like this. She makes some really good points. If each and everyone of us would realize that we all have the right to be who we are I feel that the world would be a much more place to live.

Thanks, Hannah