Guest Post part 1

 Hi, these next two post are from a good friend of mine from childhood, I wanted to share with you her views on this subject of gays and the church. I feel she has similar views as me but she views things in a different light and I wanted to share her thoughts with all of you. Here it is,

. Go ahead, get the stones. This is going to be challenging and neither side of this war will likely agree with me. But alas, I’m not here to please the masses am I?

If you follow any politics in regards to the gay and lesbian marriage “issue” then you might have heard about Kansas by now. Kansas passed a bill that makes it illegal for any company to be sued if they refuse service to people or things that go against their religious beliefs. If you haven’t read the bill, go ahead and do that. First things first- I’m an avid supporter of the First Amendment. I’m an avid supporter of our freedoms, and constitutional rights. In all reality, this bill is really protecting those rights and I don’t, at all, think it’s a horrible bill to pass. Especially when you consider people have already been sued for declining service, like this case. If we are to truly  live in a free society the way our founding fathers intended, then we should be free to decline business from anyone if we want, no matter how stupid the reason. But, you know what…it’s stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. This entire war is stupid you guys. I’m talking to both of you camps- the Christians AND Gay and Lesbian community. Let’s just handle this systematically, OK?

This one is for all you gay and lesbians couples (OK, singles too):

I know we Christians have really caused a lot of pain, and hurt. I get that. We’ve really been hateful, and I offer my deepest apology. I’m not going to lie here- it’s getting pretty bad on both ends of this war. I know you don’t like that people can deny you services, but in all reality they are free do so- and should remain free to do so. People are free to be complete ass hats. But if you run across an ass hat, why sue? Why the legislation? I mean really, they probably are struggling already to pay that business loan off! You get mad (rightly so) when people try to legislatively stop you from being married- but then you go and try to stop people from doing what they should be free to do too. You’re doing the same thing here. It’s insanity- on both ends. Why would you even want to pay someone that is so lame? I’m sure (really sure) that there are lots of business people that are capable of leaving religion out of it and would be HAPPY to serve you. Let the butt heads be butt heads. Word will spread and their business likely won’t last long. But to sue them, is actually stooping to their level. Rise above, and let the natural consequences rule. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose compassion, because to have a heart so closed to loving and serving others is sad. And better yet, maybe even do something nice for them because maybe they need it. Shatter the image they have of you. Love them so much it’s confusing.


That’s the end of part one, I hope you enjoyed and learned a little from my friend, stay tuned, part two will be coming soon

Thanks all, Hannah