Here a flaw, there a flaw, everywhere…..

NASHVILLEHTCC UPDATE: We are starting to compile a list of certified companies that are in line with standards.  The companies on the list have shown that they run a business that is free from discrimination of any kind.  The first company on the list is Canton 24 Hour Plumbing.  We will probably start a separate website/page for the directory but until then we will use our blog posts as a shout out.

I have flaws you have them, everybody has flaws so why do we always judge others? I’m guilty of it too however I trying not to judge people they do on occasion I find myself doing so. Is it because it makes us feel better to look at somebody and say that this is wrong with them? Or is it because they were so bored with our allies that we have to meddle with other people? Or could be because most people are just so self-conscious that they have to look for the flies and others so they can feel better about themselves? When I find myself start judging others I always immediately but for some reason I can’t help additionally I don’t understand why I feel that I’m a pretty understanding open minded person and I’m very tolerant of others be out on those rare occasions I do find myself judging others and I just wish that I could stop. I am no better than the next person and that person is no better than the next person, each individual person has their own issues and no other issues for us as your issues because they’re your issue but everybody has issues everyone has to deal with those issues. We always feel that our issues are bigger than others and that is the case because you’re the one to deal with their own issues. not have to deal with somebody else and issue so of course no problem. Other people have an important issues of their own. Maybe that is the reason that we judge others because we need that they have issues and since they aren’t our issues we feel that their issues are the only judge them because they’re like why can’t they handle their own issue but we don’t realize you don’t even handle our own properly to help me expect others to handle their own issues properly. When I find myself judging other people and I realize that I am I try to stop trying to picture myself vision to see how I do not normally help me to stop judging that person. I don’t know if we can ever stop being tolerant of our world but I hope one day that this dream of mine of intolerance will come true.


Time for us to change

So having grown up in a home where my parents want me to be tolerant of all people I find that the world that we are is not tolerant and that is ridiculous. The majority of the people are so self absorbed and have such a sense of entitlement that they get so offended so quickly that they want to ban everything in the world. I feel it’s one of the things that make America great and that makes America bad. We have become way too sensitive we have become little children. We feel that if we don’t like something or enjoy something then it should be  banned and that is absolutely ludicrous. We all have the right to be who we are and to be who we want to be. Some of us feel that if someone is different from us then they are wrong and that they should change, I think I have talked about this gay marriage with you before but I wanted to touch on the subject. I am not a gay person but I will vote for their right to get married every chance I get. We are all human, we all have the right to get married to the person that we love. The world is pretty much filled with people who are religious and have gotten divorced from being married.  Some people have been divorced more than once. So for those who can stand there and say that marriage is a religious sacred ceremony between a man and a woman can go jump off a cliff as far as I am concerned. I for one do not agree with the religious stand on marriage. I don’t believe that you should wait to have sex before you’re married (unless you actually want to) and I don’t believe that you should not live with your significant other before you get married.


If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the same person there were three things that I believe should happen before you choose a person to do that with. First thing is that you should sleep together that way you know that you’re not gonna have awful sex life for the rest of your life, you have to know that you two are compatible in that sense. Second thing is that you should live with that person. People are so different when you live with them in their own home, that way you can see who that person really is and you have to know that you are compatible to live with that same person in the same house for the rest of your life. And last thing is I feel that you should have a big blowout fight with your significant other that way you know that your relationship is strong enough to handle that fight and strong enough to come back from that fight. I wholeheartedly believe that you don’t get to pick who your attracted to or the gender you love. No matter what sex the person is I feel that you should have that right to marry that person.
Stay vigilant!

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I’m not sure what happened or when it happened but it seems that in today’s day in age a lot of people have this undeserving sense of entitlement. There are a lot of people out there that think they deserve to have things given to them and not have to work for anything, they believe that they should get what ever they want while not having to do things for others in return. For example, work ethic, I have never seen more lazy people at work in my life, people who show up late constantly or leave early or have some pathetic excuse not to come to work and when they are actually at work they barely do their jobs. How these people still keep their jobs blows my mind, it could be because there are so many of these people now that the ones that actually take their jobs serious are so far and few between that we are stuck with the folks that think by having a job entitles them to get paid and they don’t have to actually work because I rarely see people getting fired.

It could also be that we have grown into a society where we feel we can speak out about anything and because we are offended by something then we have every right to get it banned or stop other people from enjoying it. To a point that is true, we are free to speak our minds but how can we feel that we have a right to stop others from enjoying something that offends us. I do not believe that we have that right. It something is offensive to you then don’t do it, it’s that simple but don’t stop me from doing it just because you don’t like it. What about my rights? What about my right to enjoy what I want to enjoy. Just don’t participate in something if you don’t want to, don’t watch let your kids listen to that music or watch that TV show or movie if you think it might be inappropriate for them but do not stop my kids from watching it, that is my decision.

This also goes for how we feel we can judge others if they do not fit in the nice little ball of life that we have created with the things that we feel are appropriate in our life. Things that work for you may not work for me and the things that work for me may not work for you, so why are we trying as a society to change people, we all have the right to believe in what we want to believe in, we do not have the right to stop others from believing in what they want to believe in. If we could just remember that we are here to live our lives the best that we can, which is hard enough as it is and stop trying to get everyone to be like each other, individualism is one of the greatest things that has been created in our world to take that away would be the biggest mistake we all could make. I guess the point that I am trying to make here is that we all just need to live our lives and as long as other people are not directly affecting your life in a negative way than don’t worry about, worry about yourself.

Sorry for this rant, it sort of just came out!



We need to have more tolerance in this world of ours. There are so many people that are alive today that it is impossible that we are all the same kind of person. Who would want it that way anyways? Individuality is so important, there is enough repression out there already that we don’t need anymore. People should be able to express themselves in anyway that choose without the fear of being shut down by others. Other countries may have laws to stop this but we in America pride ourselves on being free. Or so we say.

The majority of the people in America are very tolerant but there are those that will stop at nothing to ban anything and everything and will always try to get others to be like them. This is just ludicrous. To think that what you believe in is the only thing acceptable and to make others feel less about themselves because what they believe in is not what you believe in is not what America is about or for that matter it is not what living should be about. We are all our own selves and we have every right to choose what we want to stand for and as long as we are not physically or mentally hurting others than we should be free to express ourselves in any way we so choose.


This goes further that just accepting peoples life style and sexual orientation choices, this goes for every choice anyone makes about anything. From the politician we choose to support to the socks we wear on our feet, just because you choose something different than me gives me no right to judge you or make you feel in anyway wrong. You are not wrong and neither am I. People choose the silliest things to be upset about, everyone has there thing that they take a stand on and they should be free to do so but dedicating your life to something hateful is just about as silly as fighting for the use of a specific brand of hot water heater. There is no right or wrong in what we choose to believe in or do. Just because I believe in God and you don’t or that you are wearing white socks and I have purple and green socks on, neither one of us is bad or wrong or going to Hell for our choices. If you don’t believe in Hell than you will not go there, if you don’t believe in Heaven than you will not go there either, you will simply go where you believe you will go and that’s that. I will go where I believe I will go. Just because you don’t believe in God, Heaven or Hell doesn’t mean that I will not go there and the reverse is true as well, just because I believe in God, Heaven and Hell you will not go to Hell just because you don’t believe in God.

This is what we all need to understand and accept, we need to be tolerant of what others believe in if we want them to respect and tolerate what we believe in. If I choose to wear clothes that do not match, who cares? How does that affect you? It doesn’t. If you choose to shave your head off, who cares? How does that affect me? It doesn’t. We should not let what others do affect our lives, we can never have the life we want if we let others dictate how we feel, we need to just pay attention to our own lives to make sure we are not hurting others and live the best life we can.

Thanks! Hannah


Bathroom Controversy

This topic of which bathrooms transgender individuals are allowed to use, in my opinion, it one of the most ridiculous issues ever discussed. To start, I am for transgender individuals to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using. I also feel though, that if an establishment has Unisex bathrooms then that establishment should not be forced to rebuild all of their bathrooms.

I understand that a transgender woman does not want to use the men’s room and that a transgender man does not want to the women’s room but if there is a unisex restroom than they should understand that this is a bathroom for everyone, no matter what your gender is. Many establishments only have these bathrooms and I don’t think it fair that they will be forced to have male and female restrooms. I have heard arguments that some transgender individuals refuse to use this bathroom, not everyone, but I have heard this on multiple occasions and I think that is just silly. This one transgender male said that he refuses to use this bathroom because he is not unisex, he is a male and wants to use the men’s room. Seriously? I am a female and I have used many unisex restrooms, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them. Just because I use this bathroom does not mean that I am unisex. It means nothing except that I had to go to the bathroom and this is the restroom that I used. I know that in a perfect world, everyone will be using the restroom of their choice but for now we all have to deal with this issue. Again, I totally agree that each person should use the restroom that they feel comfortable with but not at the cost of establishments having to rebuild.

I also don’t agree with the people who are saying that they will feel uncomfortable with a transgender woman using the women’s bathroom. They argue that now the sex offenders and child molesters will now have an open door to peak in on them and their children. What was stopping them before? The law? Nope. They were doing it before, they will do it now and they will continue to do it in the future. Just because a transgender individual is using your bathroom does not mean they are there to peep. They are there to use the bathroom then get on with their day, just like anyone else. Now the child molesters and sex offenders will always find a way to do what they do, no matter what the law states. They have gone into bathrooms that they should not have been in before, they have always found a way to peep when the law forbids it. This new rule that transgender individuals be allowed to use the bathrooms of their choice will in no way make it easier for the perverts to expose themselves to children or women. I do no think it is fair to use that argument against those that are they for innocent purposes.

I hope that in my life time the people of the world will finally learn that we are all the same. We are all just regular human beings trying to get through our days and lives and that we just want a happy existence for the most part. It makes me sad that we all want to put people down and make them feel inferior to us. On the most fundamental level, we are all the same.

Thanks for reading…


Guest Post part 2

Here is the second half of the post from my childhood friend,

Christians- this is for you.

I get it. OK- I know. I’ve read the same Bible and do my best to live by it and to glorify God. I know being “gay” goes against the nature of God and therefore all you stand for. I know it goes against your religion. Kind of like how Muslims can’t eat pork. Except, we’re dealing with real humans here. But whatever, that doesn’t matter, does it?

I also know we have the right in America, or should, to deny services if it causes us to do something against our religion. And we should be able to do such things without punishment- or without being sued. And I agree! But here’s the the big thing I don’t understand: Just because we’re free to be total jerks, why would we want to to be?

Before you cast your stone of judgement at me, just hear me out. I love God. I love His truth. I love how He redeems the sinners. I love how He loves. Oh how He loves us!!! But really, how He.Loves.Us. He loves us. He loves me. He loves you. He loves…gasp…them. Those crazy, wicked, horrid, sinners. *gasp* Oh gurrrrrrrrl. Yup. He loves them a heck of a lot and seriously, my point- is they are us. We are them. Really- there is no “them.” We all need His love in the same great way.

The difference however, is that as Christians are called to show His love. We are called to bring His love and grace to the unbelievers. We are called be a light in a dark world. So when you deny service because you don’t agree with their lifestyle, and it goes against your religion- you’re shutting the door in their face. You’re putting yourself up on this high perch and looking down on people that God loves immensely and that you’re called to love. Why, in the name of the Lord almighty, would you even want to shut that door? I do not understand. The problem here isn’t that it’s your right to do so, because it is, but that you actually want to.

You probably don’t know that I use to own my own business. It was a glorified cleaning business- and some of my first clients were a lesbian couple. You want to know what they asked me first? If I was OK being hired by them, since they were lesbian. I was taken back because it didn’t bother me at all, and how sad that they felt the need to “warn” me. So I went to their home that they shared together with their kids and you want to know what I saw? Love. Family dinners. Kindness. And I saw something else- I enjoyed being their friend. They knew my religious beliefs, and yet there we all were, laughing and talking all things controversial. The love in my heart for them grew. I was even able to invite them to some family functions without seeming like a weirdo- and they seriously considered! What an opportunity to show love that way. What an opportunity to gain new friends. What an opportunity to learn. What an opportunity to bridge the gap between these two worlds, and build an everlasting relationship.

I know, you don’t want to support something that you are so strongly against. I don’t want to negate your feelings on that. But here’s the thing- accepting their business does not mean you support their choices (really though, who are WE to act so arrogant) nor does it mean that you’ve let go of your convictions. All it says, if you don’t decline service, is you’re a smart business person with a huge heart. It says you’re willing to be vulnerable, and weak. Remember- we don’t need to be strong because Christ, He’s got this.

Friends, Jesus died on the cross and forgave our sins so we can be free. We believers always talk about surrendering it all to God and trusting Him, until this one issue. As soon as this comes up it’s as though the cross has no power. If you decline services to someone because they are gay and want to get married (or anything else that you might disagree with), you’re missing out and wrapping the chains of sin around yourself. It’s plain old stupid- and not even needed. Christ already took care of this. Remember- while we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:6-8 ). Christ never said, “sorry- that’s against my religion- I tap out here.” No, Jesus said, “forgive them father…for the know not what they do (Luke 23:34).”


Also- if you’re against serving gays I certainly hope you’ll reconsider attending that friend’s wedding- you know, the one that’s been married five times. Yeah.

Friends- this bill in Kansas should not even HAVE to be written up. It’s incredibly sad that we’ve all gotten to this point. All this legislation- the legislation to ban gay marriage, the suing of companies that deny services, and the legislation to protect people from being sued for being lame- all of this is stupid. Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could just burn all these documents and instead, become friends?

So this is me, calling it as I see it. Stupid. We’re all a bunch of self righteous butt heads that really need to get a grip and just be friends. Seriously. For the love.

So here is another perspective on being good humans. I hope you all enjoyed how passionate my friend gets on being respectful to one another because I love listening to her go off on a rant like this. She makes some really good points. If each and everyone of us would realize that we all have the right to be who we are I feel that the world would be a much more place to live.

Thanks, Hannah

Guest Post part 1

 Hi, these next two post are from a good friend of mine from childhood, I wanted to share with you her views on this subject of gays and the church. I feel she has similar views as me but she views things in a different light and I wanted to share her thoughts with all of you. Here it is,

. Go ahead, get the stones. This is going to be challenging and neither side of this war will likely agree with me. But alas, I’m not here to please the masses am I?

If you follow any politics in regards to the gay and lesbian marriage “issue” then you might have heard about Kansas by now. Kansas passed a bill that makes it illegal for any company to be sued if they refuse service to people or things that go against their religious beliefs. If you haven’t read the bill, go ahead and do that. First things first- I’m an avid supporter of the First Amendment. I’m an avid supporter of our freedoms, and constitutional rights. In all reality, this bill is really protecting those rights and I don’t, at all, think it’s a horrible bill to pass. Especially when you consider people have already been sued for declining service, like this case. If we are to truly  live in a free society the way our founding fathers intended, then we should be free to decline business from anyone if we want, no matter how stupid the reason. But, you know what…it’s stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. This entire war is stupid you guys. I’m talking to both of you camps- the Christians AND Gay and Lesbian community. Let’s just handle this systematically, OK?

This one is for all you gay and lesbians couples (OK, singles too):

I know we Christians have really caused a lot of pain, and hurt. I get that. We’ve really been hateful, and I offer my deepest apology. I’m not going to lie here- it’s getting pretty bad on both ends of this war. I know you don’t like that people can deny you services, but in all reality they are free do so- and should remain free to do so. People are free to be complete ass hats. But if you run across an ass hat, why sue? Why the legislation? I mean really, they probably are struggling already to pay that business loan off! You get mad (rightly so) when people try to legislatively stop you from being married- but then you go and try to stop people from doing what they should be free to do too. You’re doing the same thing here. It’s insanity- on both ends. Why would you even want to pay someone that is so lame? I’m sure (really sure) that there are lots of business people that are capable of leaving religion out of it and would be HAPPY to serve you. Let the butt heads be butt heads. Word will spread and their business likely won’t last long. But to sue them, is actually stooping to their level. Rise above, and let the natural consequences rule. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose compassion, because to have a heart so closed to loving and serving others is sad. And better yet, maybe even do something nice for them because maybe they need it. Shatter the image they have of you. Love them so much it’s confusing.


That’s the end of part one, I hope you enjoyed and learned a little from my friend, stay tuned, part two will be coming soon

Thanks all, Hannah



There are many things in this world of ours that will never be understood. One of those things is the way that people treat each other. I don’t understand how people can treat others so badly, not all of us do and I’m not saying saying that I’m perfect and always treat others well. I judge but I always try to understand why that person that I’m judging is acting the way they are. I don’t judge a lot but I feel that sometimes it’s impossible not to, there are some people who are just so negative and always complaining about their life, the world and pretty much everything that can be complained about. We all have known people like this, the ones that will go negative about any situation no matter how trivial it is. I don’t understand how people can see the negative like this. Instead of seeing a way to overcome what has happened, they will just complain about it and not try to resolve it. I confess, I do judge these people, I try not to and I guess that makes me negative in the same way that they are but you can’t always be that happy go lucky person. However I don’t hate them, I feel bad for them. I feel bad that they do not have the skills to be happy. They were never taught how to handle life or they just choose to be this way and that makes me what to show them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t preach the word of God to anyone. This isn’t about what Jesus would do. It’s about what a I would do and that’s just to make the best of every situation.

So that follow co-worker that hates this new policy that corporate sent out or that friend that hates that so and so choose to stay home instead of hanging out, I will try to help them resolve this by showing them that even though this situation sucks it’s not the end of the world. With the co-worker I will try to explain to them that even though this new policy is a different way that we have to do our jobs but once we get used to it, it won’t be a big deal anymore. I know we are used to doing this but now we have to do that but once we get the hang of it, I’m sure we will realize that this is better and a more efficient way to do our jobs. I never say that the complainer is the only one that has to deal with this, I never say you, it’s always we or us. This helps to relieve some anger when they realize that it’s just not about them, it’s about all of us. Honestly, sometime this works and sometimes it doesn’t, some will get it, some won’t. That’s OK as long as I don’t let that negativity affect my day or life. Some people don’t want to be happy but I believe most of us truly do.


The same goes with the friend, I just try to explain that we don’t know what happen in our friends day and maybe they wanted to just relax at home and not be around others. That we shouldn’t take it personally, our friend doesn’t hate us they just want to be left alone right now. We can never know what others are going through, they could try to explain but unless we personally experience it we will never know for sure how others feel, so we all need to be respectful because if it was us we would want others to respect our situation. And that’s all I’m trying to get across, let’s just be decent humans and try to respect other people because we can never know what their life is truly like.

Thanks all, Hannah